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Our story began many years ago when a young fishing guide in White City Florida dedicated his life to serving God. A short time later, the Lord provided the way and means for him to go to college and medical school in order to become a Baptist missionary doctor to Indonesia in 1972. After 10 years on the mission field, the family was forced to come home to the U.S.A. in order for his son, Chris Harper, who was gravely ill with kidney failure, to receive treatment. In 1982, Dr. Oliver Harper decided to open a new medical clinic in Warrior, Alabama, to serve the needs of his community. Growing up with such a great example of God's work in his father's life, it wasn't long until Chris Harper decided upon a similar career path to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in medicine and through world wide missions in countries like Brazil and Indonesia. He is now a partner physician with his father. Virginia Harper, Oliver's wife works as office manager. Dr. Chris' wife, Lynn, recently joined the staff as a nursing assistant. Several other family members have also served the community of Warrior and the surrounding areas over the years at Warrior Medical Associates. We consider Warrior to be our family's mission field. We still do foreign missions when time and circumstances allow, but our practice in Warrior is certainly our home at this time and for the foreseeable future. Thanks for choosing us for your healthcare!

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